One More Light, The 7th Album

Haters gonna hate, lovers gonna wait, and muscistens gonna appreciate. Like seriously, Linkin Park’s latest album, One More Light, is causing quite the division in fandom as it most definitely is not the Linkin Park people have once perceived.. yet is most definitely the Linkin Park I’ve come to know and love.

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Anticipation of Linkin Park’s New Album

So I just found out Linkin Park has their new album coming out in May and I am stoked beyond all reasonable reason. Thus far, two songs have been unveiled: “Heavy” and “Battle Symphony”–and they are two very different songs. Unlike their last album, The Hunting Party, this one–entitled One More Light–seems to be┬ábreaking their trend as did their album Minutes To Midnight.

There were those big fans of their last album, The Hunting Party, though I was not really one of them. Definitely tried and there were indeed great moments and a few songs I liked, but I am definitely anxious to see what they’ve stirred up for this upcoming album. All-in-all, my anticipation is projecting it good, and definitely a new direction.

I will update upon its release. Stay awesome.