365 DAYS OF SONG – Part II

I wanna start with saying that June’s opening track is gonna be LIT <333

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Life Is Strange, Episode 1

Personal Rating: 8/10

Family Rating: 4/10

For the longest time, I was skeptical about buying this game.┬áIt intrigued me primarily from its resemblance to TellTale Game’s way of telling stories. I have always been a fan of a rich narrative and impactful choices. From story-lines like Mass Effect, settings like Bioshock, atmospheres like Amnesia, and decisions like The Wolf Among Us, Life Is Strange seems to be a great addition to my library–especially being as the first episode is free.

So lets break it down. Story-wise, I love the concept. When I was telling my wife about the game, she was intrigued simply from the setting and character development. The twist only added to the strangeness and mystery of the game that already had us lured. Such a feat is greatly admirable in games.

And the richness of character is a feat in of itself. I love the psychology behind peoples actions in context of their home, peers, and surroundings. To hear the story of Chloe and see how it affected her feels so real. A true eye opener as far as seeing the world outside of the box. The balance of character development alongside age and peer drama is both comical and engrossing. That is, of course, if you can not already predict the typical drama that is so stereotypical. But that is where the twist makes it all the most intriguing.

I will add, however, that the amount of language is outstandingly persistent. Granted, I realize the day in which we live and that playing the game is a choice in of itself. I understand that, but as a result it limits the amount of sharing I can do with this game. Second to loving a game, I love sharing it. That can be hard when most of its content is so rich with language or secular content. But it makes the game feel more real. Right now, I am able to play it through with my wife–which is greatly enjoyable–but I know how bothered she is.

All in all, I would give the game a worth to play for free, but also a warning: unless you’re fine with the harsh language and coarse drama, this is a game better to played alone or with someone who is used to the negatives. I look forward to continuing the Life Is Strange series, both as a gamer and intrigued author. The dialog and character development is so rich and true, but I will wait for the sale as the content is also so vulgar and salty, I cant justify it for the wife’s sake. Or the baby on the way.