Hey there curious and wondrous mind! Welcome, welcome! I shall call you Rheeder, for you and I are much alike (though I am not the strongest in the Order of Words Read).

We both, however, share a common interest: the entertainment and growth of the mind beyond our own. I am inspired by everything around me and have come to value the artistic commitment and craftsmanship of those who seek to define and recreate it.

It is thus I strive to do what I appreciate done most for in (especially in the field I am wishing to go). There is value beyond all other in the mystery that is “reviewing”. Seriously, tell me one thing you have found that has not been recommended to you that you’ve enjoyed? And now tell me of one thing you have come to enjoy and not wanted to share?

I know I’d be beat if not for sharing what I enjoy. It is this very aspect that pushes me to write and publish works of imaginative realms and journeys. Therefore, I treasure what others have to say, to recommend, and to caution. We all have likes and dislikes. We all have interpretations.

And so I look forward to reviewing with you. Books, movies, artists–I will be blogging as I can. For feedback is life’s great sails for any artist. While my ship of ambition may be vast, I will go no where without the sails of you, my Rheeder.

That aside, feel free to also check out reviews on Goodreads!:D

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