Yes, this is a day early but MUSIC CANT WAIT. So I’mma try to stay focused on this post in lue of how awesome the next volume will be<33

We’ve made it to day forty-five!:D And I keep finding myself in a toss between finding those tracks that meant so much to me growing up and keeping fresh with discovery. It’s a hard balance ;P But here’s to the eleven tracks allotted for volume four!:D

  1. Am I Wry? No by Mew – This song/artist took me by utter surprise. I am reeeeeally enjoying the craftsmanship of Mew across several of his albums. I still find myself listening to his 2015 “+ -” album. It’s becoming quite the impressive piece. Eesh de pot<3
  2. Down To Earth by Peter Gabriel – Ha, this song jumped back into my spotlight from out-of-nowhere. I remember the first time I watched Wall-E. Such a great movie! And this song fit its conclusion SOOOO well. I love soundtracks to films that weren’t just “written” for them, but in essence BECOME them. So whenever I hear Down To Earth, I’m reminded entirely of the film and the message it had. Same goes for the entirety of the Secret Life Of Walter Mitty–every song in that film is a masterpiece of replayability<333
  3. Gold Rush by Death Cab For Cutie – Calmly put: I LOVE THIS GROUP. AND THEY HAVE A NEW ALBUM COMING OUT THAT YOU NEED TO SPLURGE BUY. ITS GOING TO BE AWESOME I ALREADY KNOW SO TRUST ME ITS SCIENCE. That, and this particular song made me grin every so much. Love the tones Death Cab chose to piece together and still stay true to themselves. My goodness am I stoked to see what they’ve come up with. I love these guys and they most definitely deserve a full standalone review (which I can hardly wait to do once the new album drops!:D ).
  4. Stella Blue by Local Natives – Soooooo long story short: this is the kinda song I kept on repeat nonstop for like, weeks. Ever have those “life songs” that you feel embody who you are or at least some aspect of your personality? Yea, Stella Blue and Step Outside are definitely those tracks for me. In semi-long context, this is from a compilation headed by the guys from The National in honor of the Grateful Dead. Basically, an enormous count of Grateful Dead tracks were redone by nowadays artists and I fell in love with it. Thank you, The National. Thank you, Local Natives, for doing such a superb job with Stella Blue<3
  5. Vancouver by Devarrow – The first track I heard by these guys was actually Little Road and I highly recommend you check it out if you liked this one. It has been very pleasing finding/exploring new music through Spotify and I was pleased to stumble across these guys. I can definitely tell, though, that by day one hundred fourteen, Imma need to expand my platforms xD Probably give another shout-out to the all-but-forgotten Pandora xD
  6. Adventures In Solitude by The New Pornographers – Seriously, DON’T JUDGE THEM BY THEIR NAME. Also, their “Challengers” has been a constant revisiting album for me. I love the way they move through their songs and switch between the voices. Seriously which I was as into the rest of their albums as I am with Challengers:(
  7. Skin and Bone by The Receiver – Man its been a long time since I’ve listened to this group! I remember begging Pandora to play “One In” or “Corner Pt.2” from their record Decades. This particular song has probably one of the coolest intros–or at least phenomenal in of itself. It was so hard not to post the opening track with this xD So now’s your chance to give them a listen!:D Dislocation –> Skin and Bone ❤
  8. Unified Theory by The Cobalt Season – This is one of those artists I love listening to but feel like their keeping themselves from taking it to the next stage with popularity. I love this track–don’t get me wrong. I love “Something True”, “A Lullaby For Ms. Harris”, “Careful Not To Draw Your Maps In Pen And Ink”, and several others:D If you’re wanting to try them album, definitely start with the record “Fragile Iconoclast”:)
  9. Nothing In The World / The Path by Cary Brothers – I’M LOVING THEIR NEW ALBUM. Sad that it’s not out on CD as of this post though, but he says he’s working hard towards that so that’s good enough for me! The song “Precious Lies” has loooooong been on my most calming, soothing vocals list. You’d probably recognize him if you gave another listen to the song “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”–yeah, he’s got tons of great tracks like that! If you haven’t given him a fully listen before, his new album keeps true to what he’s good at: soothing, calming tracks.
  10. Seven Seas by Golden Youth – I was actually looking for another group I’d heard a sweet track by on Youtube, but there’s a lot of groups called “Youth” out there, lol So thank you Spotify for bringing Golden Youth to my attention!:D It’s not always you’re clicking through artists and then find an hour has passed since the last click and you’re like “hold up, is this still the same group??? THIS IS AWESOME”.
  11. Vanilla Pines by Tow’rs – I love Spotify’s new system of creating a continuous list of “like songs” once reaching the end of a playlist or artist. It has lead me to so many great artists I would not have found till waaay later. These guys are a great listen through! It was between Vanilla Pines by them and Belly Of The Deepest Love xD Also, “Grey Fidelity” is a great album by them to have in the background. In fact, all three of their albums make for some great background listening<3

I KEEP GETTING AHEAD OF MYSELF ITS ALMOST ILLEGAL TO POST JUST ONE SONG A DAY. lol, that being said, you’d probably know by now my most used phrase is “my new favorite song”. And that’s OKAY. I think its great to get excited about a new song. To have a constant-changing “favorite” is OKAY. It’s music–and the appreciation of music is a living experience. Different tracks speak differently at different times to different people for different reasons. And no, you don’t beg to differ xD YOU’RE INCLUDED<3 It’s a toxin. Some cases it brushes across callused skin, others it is raw and still others deep. To some its a numbing feeling, a soothing, a calm, an awakening–an encouragement, sympathetic, relational, teaching, comforting, expressing, frustration.

That being overly written, next volume is gonna be just as FANTASTIC.

I tentatively call Volume V “Songs That Build”. By “build”, I mean progress into quite the stinking awesome climax. Yes, you may see some Snow Patrol (who DOESN’T know them for “Cars” and “Run”–also, they have a new 2018 album–SPOILER).


I love you all<3 #letsdothis #365DaysofSong


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