I am absolutely loving this 365 Days of Song challenge! Here’s thirty-five days!:D I LOVE DISCOVERING MUSIC BUT MY WALLET HATES IT

So Part/Volume III of this challenge started off with a Greatest Of All Time track by Polyphia and I’m still cranking out to it xD I was very pleased how this volume (days twenty-four through thirty-four) panned out, so here it is:

  1. G.O.A.T. by Polyphia – Yikes did this song take me by complete surprise. I love the dub-attraction built around guitar. My goodness was it refreshing and a great return to the genre. I have been listening to more and more of Polyphia’s stuff and it is consistently pretty impressive, though by song this song is lit<3
  2. Goodnight Moon by Go Radio – I’ll be honest. I was going to bed when my twenty-two month old son crawled into my lap for a go-to-bed song himself, and this one instantly came to the forefront of my mind. I remember stumbling across this and love how well pieced it is. And who doesn’t like Goodnight Moon?? Like seriously?? WHO?!?!?!
  3. The Journey by Sleeperstar – There are a lot of groups out there that I believe deserve far more attention than what they’re getting. Last time I mentioned The Hawk In Paris, Sleeperstar is no different. Their album “Just Another Ghost” is something of a time-old tested-and-true work. Please give them a listen<3 Love me some “Texas Rain” and “We Go Tonight”. Wish they’d hurry up a new album since their last one dropped in 2014.
  4. Automatic by The Mowgli’s – Now this is a song I was hesitant about, since I haven’t dove much into the group yet. It was a hit and miss for me cause I truly feel they could have done the chorus better. I love the verses and as a whole I keep coming back to this track because of them and I’m steadily starting to like the chorus more:) #justalittlemoretime #gladifound
  5. Back Of The Car by Miike Snow – Not every day I stumble upon a new artist via Amazon Prime Music, but my goodness I remember showing this track and its album to so many people and wondering HOW NO ONE ELSE WAS DIGGING EVEN HALF AS MUCH AS I<333
  6. Happy If You’re Happy by Matt and Kim – SO CATCHY. I had pretty decided a track by Matt and Kim wasn’t going to make this list, but checked out their latest album just in case. This has always been a group I’ve wanted to get into more but never followed up. This track tho<333 Eesh de pot I love the vocals. I truly am convinced a part II of this song leading into instruments and a heavier build would be on FIRE.
  7. Illusion by Tinie Tempah – There was a period of my life where two songs were always blared together as the first two tracks any time I cranked my sound system up. I am very impressed with how well this song was pieced together. Probably the only track I listen to by Tinie Tempah, but cheers to ya<33
  8. Yellow Light by Of Monsters And Men – Yeeeeeeeah I bought two of their albums. Always hated how overplayed and overhyped “Dirty Paws” was, especially when at one job I worked it came on every two hours, five days a week, 59 weeks a year (yes, I know). But when I kept hearing cool songs come on YouTube playlists and being like “oh, that’s by Of Monsters And Men too, cool”. So like, yeah. After four days of their blessings popping up and all over the YouTubers I follow, I was convicted to give them a chance on Spotify. And that lasted about ten minutes before I accidentally impulse bought two of their albums. Soooooo, thank you wife of mine<3 me and my music love you dearly<333
  9. Off She Goes by Bad Suns – There are actually some gems in Spotify playlists–aside from 80% of their tracks I’ve already heard/listened too xD #musicaddict but this was a sweet refresher to find and I look forward to coming back to it again and again. Something bout them string tunes is SO LURING. And his voice reminds me of someone… AH. I know I recognize that voice!
  10. Crystal Vases by The Last Royals – Ha, I remember first hearing this song a few years back xD It was one of those “hold up, who did that song??” You know, that moment on Pandora when you’re in the other room and the track is bout to end and YOUR RUNNING THE SAHARA DESERT TO MAKE IT TIME TO THUMB UP lol
  11. Can’t Stand The Rain by The Rescues – This. Group. Is. The wife and I’s group<3 Again, I recall this song from Pandora and giving them a second chance on Spotify. I really enjoy and the journey they create on their album “Let Loose The Horses”. Such a grand collection/progression and it was one of the first of countless many groups I bought for the wife when I’d take her come with me on breaks during the college life:D Gotta love them four hour road trips with the soon-to-be-wife love of your life. But seriously, I remember screaming when I found out they’d released another album xD #tryingtofollowbetter
  12. (Hidden Track 12 that’s actually Track 1 of Volume IV….) And of course, I just HAD to start of Part IV of this epic journey with another group I found during this challenge and am falling far too much in love with. I just got Grizfolk and two by Of Monsters And Men, I CANT AFFORD THIS. Solution = fundraiser xDD Seriously though, I am falling in deep, deep, deep, deep, deep love and admiration and enjoyment and repeated listening of Mew. If I could repeat an artist, these guys would be the first to break that rule xD BUT I’M GOING TO TRY NOT TO SPOIL NEXT VOLUMES BLURB ABOUT THEM. ❤


❤ I love you all. Peace, and music be with thee<3


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