365 DAYS OF SONG – Part II

I wanna start with saying that June’s opening track is gonna be LIT <333

We are on the eve of Day 24 of 365 Days of Song–a challenge for myself to post a new song-for-the-day for three hundred sixty-five days, not repeating a single artist, and only posting tracks I can’t stop listening to and deem “share-worthy”.

In an era where music is boomer from every crevice, I feel like most of the “popular” trends have become forced upon us. We here was the sponsors think we’ll like best. And while dubstep was cool, I quickly lost interest after the 7th remake of the 3rd song…

I don’t shun the popular, but I prefer the diamond in the rough. Original music is out there–you know, the kind that doesn’t sound the EXACT same as everything else. That in mind, music has been around and practically everything explored, though there are still original ways to piece it all together.

And I love finding those.

So here’s to Volume II of the ongoing 365 Days of Song. While the first Volume consisted of twelve tracks, this next set concludes at eleven. So let’s get into the gritty as to why the selection and what stands out to me about these tracks:

  1. Anonanimal by Andrew Bird – Calming, acoustic, rhythmic–a back-porch, cabin-chill, great-outdoor piece of fantastic-tude. I remember first hearing of Andrew Bird for his tracks like the whistling-addiction laid-back “First Song” to the dark and ominous “I” to the grandiose “Action/Adventure”. Seriously, check him out, he’s all over the place. A great starting point would be the album Weather Systems.
  2. Comes and Goes (In Waves) by Greg Laswell – This guy has been popping in-and-out like a soothing ninja, always impressing me with the tone he offers. My goodness I love me a good tone. From the strings to the keys to the notes to the voice to the lyrics–Laswell does so good in combining a building emotion. I truly have been impressed with him and this song falls nothing short of my go-to replay list of forevertude. My my, love them added vocals as well and mid-point to the steady strum and then the electric–arg! Such a beast song.
  3. Dead Hearts by Stars – Aight, so this is a particular atmosphere I find myself constantly going back to. I love crying heart songs. I don’t mean that emo-ly. Music speaks so every facet of emotion and there’s something about that “seriously, tense, emotional” note that gets me every time. I love taking life seriously. I love venting. Music is that avenue. So no, I don’t yell at my wife. I don’t yell at my son. I don’t scream at customers and employees at work. I recoup my songs that strike notes such as this. Sorta like the role of Sadness from Inside Out. There’s a song this song reminds me of that I also love to listen to (actually, there’s quite a few), but we’ll get to that later.
  4. It’ll Be Alright by Donkeyboy – Let’s start this off strong: the album Caught In A Life by this group is hands down one of the most refreshing, catchy “era-gems” I have every had the pleasure of listening to. After, the group sorta fell off the radar for me. I was so blown away at how well they captured the uniqueness of that album, their new records sorta dissuaded me. I was very pleased to find them releasing this track with hopes they’ll tiptoe back on track to what, I feel, set them apart as a group worth mentioning. You definitely need to go ahead and impulse-buy their Caught In A Life album. Do it. It’ll be alright. Trust me. #punintended
  5. Hail To The Victor by Thirty Seconds To Mars – At first, I could not, for the life of me, convince myself this was the right time to unveil 30 Seconds to Mars to my 365 Days of Song list. I knew there were going to be in it, just thought I would wait. But. This. Song. Is. Just. So. Good. I have a full review of their latest album AMERICA up, but in short: they’re back. Ever hear a song come on are be like “wow, that was just a GOOD song”. Yeah, that’s what the whole album was to me. Good job, TSTM.
  6. I Am Chemistry by Yeasayer – Still don’t know how I feel about this group and their discography as a whole, but my replaying-goodness this song is LIFE<3 I accidentally had it on repeat two work days straight and it’s the first thing I listen to getting home and the going-to-work track practically every day since I stumbled upon it. The album of this track is filled with originality, but like I said, this track is what I keep coming to. Almost an unhealthy addiction so a single track, eh? Is that a thing? It’s normal right? #fresh #new #awesome
  7. The New Hello by The Hawk In Paris – Sidenote: remind anyone else of the voice of Jars of Clay? So like wow this group gets overlooked by far too many. I remember coming across their (three?) track sampler on NoiseTrade. “Put Your Arms Around Me”, “Curse The Love Songs”, and “Between The World And You”–on constant repeat during my early college years. Back when I’d prowl the tennis courts from 9PM to 11PM, with the worst-lit courts of human-lighting-ability, pounding every minute away against that wood backdrop of a tennis wall. On the bright side, I learned both hands, fore- and back- and double-handed, top- and backspin–and how to predict rebounds/returns since my sight could not keep up with the haziness. Back to the group though: they’ve been there for me. When I did get around to discovery the full 2013 album, this track in particular stuck out to me. Hits so many cultural cords of relationships. Funny, but sad. Give them a try–I wish the world would. They could go somewhere.
  8. Waking Up The Giants by Grizfolk – Bahahahahaha, can’t wait to share the track that always come to mind each time I play this one. For now though, Grizfolk has plenty going for them. I blinked twice and found four or more of their songs from the album Waking Up The Giants on my ROaD tO DisCoVErY playlist–which, you are also more than welcome to follow. So excited to follow these guys and see how they mature. This particular song does so well in capturing the “umph” I love in tracks to get me back in the race xD Look forward to sharing its counterpart 😀
  9. Obstacles by DOLKIN – Back to soothing acoustics! The game has a discussion/review of its own, but man do I love a game with phenomenal and new tracks to discover. Life Is Strange did just that. Every time this song would start up in the background of a backdrop scene or moment, I just wanted to stop the whole game and just have the song played turned up to max. With Spotify, I can do that. Again, this blends the chill similar to what was mentioned of Andrew Bird but with the tone mentioned of Stars. Thank you, Life Is Strange, for making this song part of your soundtrack<3
  10. To The Top by Twin Shadow – Speaking of songs discovered while playing games… THANK YOU TALES FROM THE BORDERLANDS. If you’ve played the game by TellTale Games, you know exactly which moment I’ll talking about. This song does so well in capturing the power of voice with beat. It’s one of those you just can’t NOT chant to the chorus. I remember rushing to google after that episode in Tales From The Borderlands, trying to find out who did the song. Sure enough, Spotify had them available to listen: Twin Shadow and their album Eclipse. I truly believed this group was on to something. Hearing the opening track “Flatliners” made it an instant buy for me. In short though: was very disappointed with their followup album. Again, a group is totally entitled to release whatever music they want. I just felt like the originality they had going for themselves got sucked up in mainstream-overdoneness. Hopefully they’ll come back around though xD #loveeclipse
  11. Your Sun by The Rival –  I remember running everyone down at the house, one-by-one, and showing them this song. I absolutely love the rhythm and tone it sets. Such a great “get-up” song. The blending of instruments and chorus is gorgeous. Their track “Run Run” is also pretty sweet. So a go-happy song. You’re welcome.

So there you have it: the first twenty-three days of this 365 Days of Song challenge. Like I said at the start though.

Buckle. Up.

We just getting started, gurrh boi. #nexttrackislit #bringiton #fortheloveofmusic and #discovery


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