365 Days of Song – Part I

Wednesday, May 9th, 2018, something awkwardly committing occurred: a decision to share a song a day. Every day. 365 days. With no repeats.

By “no repeats”, I mean one song from one artist. I am a listening-holic–aka a “musicen” (music-listening-addict). I am always listening to music, new and old, and absolutely love sharing it. It’s the joy I get from sharing the love and labor of artists that I am dedicating myself to this list.

That being said, each day I am adding a “song for the day” to the Spotify playlist 365 Days Of Song. Not just any songs, however; each of these tracks are ones that stand out to me and, more often than not, I listen to the artist a LOT. There are one-hit wonders, no doubt. There are also those tracks I love so much I forget to actually look of any other tracks by that artist :(sad life, I know):

To go the extra mile (cause these artists deserve that), here’s to the first eleven tracks of the list and what makes them stand out to me:

  1. I Follow Rivers by Lykke Li – A one-hit wonder track I found upon some YouTube channel I’m still trying to find again. The balance of solemn and drop-beat is gloriously executed. Her voice fits magnificently with the tone and the odd beats/tunes thrown in all add to the atmosphere. Could. Not. Get. Out. My. Head.
  2. Shake Me Down by Cage the Elephant – I first heard of this group, believe it or not, through a particular video game series I’m a huge fan of: Borderlands. Quite frankly, who hasn’t heard of the song “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked” by now? But don’t let that stop you, this group is dazzled with gems and while I keep wanting to fall completely in love, it seems I resolve to acknowledge the phenomenalness of Shake Me Down. Great progression, change up, and climax–things I absolutely love in groups (like Typhoon and Daniel Ellsworth & the Great Lakes).
  3. 1998 by The Dears – Please, check into this group. I mean like wow they have tracks I’ve heard millions growing up but never tied together. Degeneration Street is packed full with jewels and you can’t get over how spazz “Omega Dog” is. Seriously, check it:)
  4. Everybody’s Lonely by Jukebox the Ghost – Now me and this group go back. It was a off/on and hit-and-miss listening streaks filled mainly with their Safe Travels album. At least until their 2015 album hit. My goodness I love that piece! So much so I bought it without even knowing the album and a instrumental piano of every track on a second CD. #mindblow #captivated #beautiful Need a good wedding track? “I Love You Always And Forever” did me well xD
  5. Blackbird by Madness – I’ve already done a blog review on this group, particularly their 2015 album Can’t Touch Us Now. I am still astounded they have been putting out music since 1979. Like.. my goodness. They are most known for the one-hit wonder “Our House”, which I feel went so big it soon preceded their own influence as the group Madness. This album brought it back to them, in my opinion. Love the Londonesque and journey it unfolds<3
  6. Step Out by Jose Gonzalez – This quickly became my lifesong–you know, those track that you keep turning up and up and up and up and up and up and up and then have to replay just so you can keep turning it up. That kind of lifetrack song that when it comes on you are perfectly content sitting still to soak it all in deeper than you did the first time. The kind of spectacularness that one discovers for the first time while watching The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (packed full with angelic soundtracks in of itself). I love that movie. I love this song. I love Jose Gonzalez. While a lot of his other music gets repetitive after a little, I will never think less highly of him so long as this song exists.
  7. Follow Your Fire by Kodaline – This group is going places. Legit can’t wait to see what they do with their next album. They have the potential to soar. I loved their album Coming Up For Air and truly did it deserve far more. Honest, The One, Autopilot, Human Again–might as well just list every track. Follow Your Fire may just have been the spark to their fame, not to mention the gorgeously done track “Brother” they also recently released.
  8. Where Is Your Rider by The Oh Hellos – Oh the Oh Hellos… if you like one song, you’ll most likely like them all. And that’s a GOOD thing, likeness aside. They nail the niche I have come to love of them: compounding vocals combined with folk. It’s like NeedtoBreathe minus the mainstream and sticking with indie acoustics. Beautiful. Gorgeous. And western-vibe-y.
  9. State of the Art by Incubus – I remember this group from overseas! My goodness their albums Morning View and If Not Now, When? are still some of my fav albums–and so different from each other! The first being bold and creative, the latter a smooth river float of awesome. Don’t get me wrong, their other albums have some great tracks and I’m loving listening through 8 again, but those two are always mounted on display on my wall–with no CD (cause I’m listening to ’em xD ).
  10. Psycho by Puddle of Mudd – PSYCHO!!! Such a catchy song! And also an artist I fell into the nasty syndrome of only listening to this one track on repeat for the longest time. I love the guitar lick–that heartbeat string that makes the head boogie. And his voice does every bit of the music justice. Arg, in short, love this song, though hearing them do “The Joker” was definitely unexpected.
  11. My Love by New Politics – I find it extremely difficult to not have this track coming to mind every time I listen to Psycho by Puddle of Mudd. Which is very odd cause then I’m always remembering Poison Kiss by The Last Goodnight.
  12. Poison Kiss by The Last Goodnight – A serious toss up between this track of theirs and the track Pictures Of You! I remember stumbling upon this group on Pandora forever ago and feeling so proud of it xD One of those groups I kept trying to show everyone but felt like they all be like “eh” and moving on, lol So here they are, so ha!

And yes I got ahead of myself by one day–spoiler (will be added to playlist on 5/20/18)! xD I’ll be at it non-stop this Sunday and am dying to get this post out to ya’ll. Music is awesome. Music is impacting.

I hope you enjoy these tracks and those to come as much as I do. And if you happen to know of a song sharing similar tones/vibes, feel free to comment! Be there-warned though! I am not liable for using any recommendations xD And no recommendations can be from artists we’ve already listed! While this may not seem like much a deal now, remember I’ve got 365 different songs from different artists to share with you xD #letsdothis #bringiton #music #fan #addict #avidlistener

If you’re up for the journey and commitment then follow away and feel free to share!:D

365 Days of Song


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