Thirty Seconds To Mars – AMERICA

Forget One Republic. Forget Imagine Dragons. “Times are changing.” – 30 Seconds to Mars

On April 6th of 2018, something of a majestic measure occurred–the release of Thirty Seconds To Mars’ new album: AMERICA.

If you liked This Is War back in 2009, then you have a great starting point for the scale the reputed group took their latest album. My goodness does it fill the room with tracks like Hail To The Victor, Monolith, and Walk On Water. Then you have a spice of BB acoustics in the track Remedy. I love it when room-filling artists throw in a gorgeous acoustics like Chevelle with Bend Or Break or Breaking Benjamin with Diary Of Jane or 10 Years with Focus.

Like they did with This Is War, 30 Seconds have a niche for albums with a “calling to listen”. AMERICA falls nothing short of a massive undertaking and has lifted the group back into the “Big Three”–accompanied by One Republic, Imagine Dragons, and a long-overdue album followup for Twenty-One Pilots.

Thus far, I am loving the album. The tone they chose to stick with is one I find they do well and has just enough a “30 Seconds” vibe that it stand out from but par with other rising artists as mentioned above. I truly think this piece has potential and am anxious to see how it is taken by fans and newcomers alike.


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