Black Panther Review

In short: a spectacular cast, moving story, and well-handled concerns. Did I mention the cast? An easy 9 out of 10.

That being said, there are two views to take on this film: as a Marvel/Black Panther and as just a movie in-of-itself. As a Marvel film, the plot progression and direction was extremely refreshing and developed and it made for a world I am more than eager to get back in to. That being said, as a Marvel’s Black Panther film, I adored the setting (Wakanda and tribal systems in light of technological booms, a culture unaffected yet adaptive to its tech), cast (from Klaw to Killmonger to T’Challa), and the character development of practically all the cast.

As a movie on its own, it was just as awesome. Take away the “Marvel” and “Black Panther” name and it still holds its own as a great film. The story was rich, the characters invested, and the perspectives very personal. The movie dealt with true concerns/conflicts that many still hold and it addressed it magnificently and justly.

“The wise build bridges, while the fool builds barriers.” -T’Challa.

A great walkaway for cultures to come together. It doesn’t just dance around the topic of oppression and try to savor a particular political perspective–no, it dives into the debate and addresses it directly with all the more emphasis upon communication and character. Seriously, by the end of it, I was very proud of the T’Challa I came to know as the new Black Panther. Unlike his predecessors, he did not come across as a supreme combatant (which at first was turning me off from fully appreciating him). Instead, he was fearless in character and leadership–something far more valuable than a warmonger, and a trait most needed for the people of Wakanda during their next step.

Again, this goes back to the perfect cast. I love the actors they chose and have HUGE respect for the roles they played in the story they played. Unlike other unnamed recent films (cough cough “episode 8” of unknown series), they took very personal, historical conflicts and addressed it magnificently instead of forcing political views/perspectives/movements into a film that is meant to entertain, influence, and grow.

Ugh, I messed up even thinking about that other unnamed letdown so lets end this back on topic and a good note: Black Panther was phenomenal.

9 out of 10.


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