Resident Evil 5 Review

Let’s get gritty and honest: if you’re looking for the next coop campaign and Resident Evil atmosphere, RE5 hits a 8.75/10.

I’ll be frank, however: I couldn’t stand the last chapter. It was drawn out, repetitive, redundant, long, and, need I mention, too much of the same boss. I don’t mind fighting a boss twice or thrice–especially when it’s a hit-and-run where you don’t fight his full potential till later because his goal proceeds his quarrel and resolution with you. They could have developed the said “final” boss a lot more from simple things. Having paused mid-game when I found out RE:Revelations preluded the events of RE5, I gained nothing game-changing to the impact of RE5’s main villain.

Ugh, and if you don’t want to kill the boss yet, THEN DON’T LET ME KILL THE BOSS. It’s so annoying when you finish a fight and know EXACTLY what’s about to happen–I mean, who cares if it’s a perfectly placed volcano? And since when has lava ever been more than a blood bath?

Aight, so the last chapter aside, being from the moment they boarded the ship… that a villain needs to launch an aircraft from… and yeah, that chapter aside… MOVING ON.

The game was phenomenal. Mechanics, atmosphere, progression, setting, over-arching theme, combat, scenery–my goodness where to start.


GRAPHICS/ATMOSPHERE: 9.5/10 There were a few bland moments so swiftly passed it was practically flawless. I mean seriously, this game was gorgeous all-in-all. From objects to combatants to mutants to slow-cam shots to bullets to cut-scenes to non-cut-scenes. I loved the tints and tones of the open, sun-glistened desert city to the shrouded marsh to the dusted tomb to the radiant underground. Not only did RE5 span several very diverse terrains, but it nailed the atmosphere needed to each and to each its own.

GAMEPLAY/MECHANICS: 9/10 Though I wasn’t too much a fan of the live-action menu, the overall handling of items and ammo was very well balanced. Walkaway: bring fire to every boss fight. The satisfaction of the rapid fire was gorgeously amplified with fear of running out of ammo before you could blink twice-and-a-half. The shotgun was lit, and the handgun maintained its value through and through. It was a little frustrating having to spend so much upgrading money only to randomly find the next level-in-class gun, but it makes for a better second-playthrough. The mechanics are solid and, for the most part, were very balanced. Only one boss nearly ruined the entire game for me due to said coop mechanics… (you know who you are, Chapter 5-2).

STORY/PROGRESSION: 8.5/10 I mean wow¬† that intro hooked me in so deep. I loved the 3rd world focus and the fact that more than just where you are is being affected. I loved the scale to which the devastation was being wrought–how big companies were focused on utilizing the viruses for financial game, taking advantage of the struggling 3rd world countries. I wish they had done more with the first investor/boat fight. And I wish he had led them to more clues of other investors. The story is gorgeous and I loved the scale to which it took RE4. The progression overall was great, mainly from the level-designs and diverse settings. It was a great mutual play off graphics/tone and story/atmosphere. A few bones to pick, but oh well.

CHARACTERS/ENEMIES: 7.5/10 While some “surprises” were almost too expected, others where very well developed in rather short periods of time. I have a lot of respect for developers that put a lot more effort in what it would “really feel like” situations of trauma, RE6 blows that aspect out of the water, but RE5 does great in making life still respected rather than brushed aside for the sake of gameplay. When the natives turn to you, they feel like real natives. Again, it ties into the niche Capcom has with these games in syncing the atmosphere with the events/mechanics/gameplay/story. Definitely so one-liners that were killing me and some inconsistent conversations/side-dialog, but as a whole, they really developed Chris and Sheva are well invested and it was cool how their relationship grew and progressed.

COMPLAINTS: My goodness, if you’re going to make a boss only defeatable with cooperation between you and your friend, at least give notice. It would have been an awesome fight (I’m talking about chapter 5-2), except I literally wasted close to 2 hours trying to fight him in solo campaign before I had to have some random guy online join the fight and redeem me. It was literally unbeatable up till then. Again, might have been a glitch but STOP REGENERATING ALREADY lol

Also, the last chapter was rushed, redundant, under-conclusive, blah blah blah. Seriously felt like the game needed a part 2 instead of that last chapter. Or at least a DLC to wrap it up instead of that last chapter. Also, to the main boss: die already.


So why a 9/10? Really should be an 8/10, but I feel like, with a friend, this game would be outstandingly legit. Even solo, I felt drawn in and impactful. A great pace/story/graphics and absolutely gripping atmospheres.

Also, as a side note, I would love playing through this game again anytime with a partner. Unlike RE6 that went off the deep end with Leon’s story. Another review entirely. Just know that I will not recommend the coop storymode of Leon’s RE6 due to the uncalled for nakedness. I get what you’re trying to do, but my goodness. At least RE5 stayed “clean” to play with with friends. Rant over… xD


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