Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV Review

The worlds, characters, and stories of the Final Fantasy games are truly admirable–Kingsglaive is no exception to this trait.

It is a just-shy-of two hour movie outlining the introduction to the latest Final Fantasy game: Final Fantasy XV. It is also a film I have enjoyed multiple times through with no boredom, gaining more appreciation for the depth and attention given to its progression and storyline.

And just as a film, period, it ranks an easy 8.5/10. There are some deep concepts being portrayed throughout the film that compile thematically well. I could speak vastly upon its symbolic underlining scenes playing in the back–of the posture one man gives to the conversation of two others; of the step a chancellor takes upon the steps of another king’s castle; of the thief justified in his theft, should justice not be strong enough to stop him.

So much awesome is filled in this film that it’s quite overwhelming the first time through. Thankfully, everyone I have showed this was as I: absolutely intrigued by the story and setting as a whole. The scale Kingsglaive speaks to answers to itself, but also leaves enough questions that I am completely content spending the next hour speculating what may yet occur–totally okay with the fact that I have no idea as to the answers of the many questions I am left with.

Which, having finally bought the film and seen it my fourth time, I am all-the-more intrigued about the game.



And Nyx<3 my goodness I love a character with good character.

So yeah, all that to say: No, it’s not real people acting the film out. IT’S ALL CGI. =O #mindblown


If you’re new to Final Fantasy, no worries! This is a great place to start! Advent Children is probably the most known Final Fantasy film, but is not tied to this one. You do not have to have a prior knowledge of Final Fantasy to enjoy this film, but if you do, you will not be disappointed. If you are new to completely CGI’d film, then by all means watch, watch, watch. Eesh de pot as the graphics phenomenal:O From Crowe’s hair to Luna’s composure, to Nyx’s detail–it blows me away every time. Libertus is the only one I feel they could have roughed out better. Otherwise, such an awesome piece of work!

Arrg, now I wanna say it’s more of a 9/10. I mean seriously, what two hour film do you watch four times and wanna spend another $50 bucks just to experience to world and story created more fully in game? #loveit


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