Fall Out Boy – A Take on “Mania”

The seventh album by Fall Out Boy came out the 19th of January, this year of 2018. Let me say: Mania probably has the single greatest opening track I have heard in a loooong time.

The track I’m referring to is “Young and Menace” and it hits the high scale in both originality and insta-top-ten best hype tracks. My goodness it’s awesome.

The second track, “Champion”, isn’t half bad either, but by the end of it, I was getting a heavy vibe of 30 Seconds to Mars’ This Is War–minus the package, umph, originality, and collective awesome. In fact, after the second track finished of Fall Out Boy’s Mania, my interest sort of fell apart.

I determinedly listened through its entirety, but felt it fell short of keeping my interest, or in the least captivating me to return to its sound. I haven’t listened to a lot of Fall Out Boy, neither have I listened to many of their albums through and through, so I can not say if this is a one-time album opinion or just them. I don’t mind you sticking to the sound that made you distinct (like Snow Patrol, Typhoon, Coldplay, or U2), but there’s a point where you’re sound only reminds me of other artists that I actually like better and end up leaving you for.

That being said, by the fourth track, I had a huge urge to listen back through This Is War by 30 Seconds to Mars. Now, that album of awesome is another review of itself, but I will mention that after listened to the first few of its tracks, another album came to mind that surprised me.

2018’s Mania reminds me of 2009’s This Is War which reminds me of 1987’s This Means War.

Again, “Young and Menace” is absolutely astounding and original, but after that Mania falls apart as far as keeping my interest. It feels too much like a coming-short-of This Is War, a masterpiece of an album for revitalizing the warrior in us all.

What took me by surprise (and after three solid listens having been brought back to it) is Petra’s jewel of an album, This Means War.

Oh, did I mess up crossing secular with Christian? Who cares–good, original, legit music crosses all prejudice.

The walk away? If you’re a fan of Fall Out Boy, Mania may suit your taste and you should definitely check out This Is War and This Means War. If you’re not or haven’t heard of them, “Young and Menace” is definitely a peeking track of originality and legititude. MY GOODNESS I LOVE THAT SONG. And if you like that song and the track “Champion”, then it may definitely be worth checking out This Is War and This Means War.


Side note for my opinion on Mania: “Young and Menace” hits my top ten, maybe even top five, pump songs. The album as a whole, however, I am unimpressed with and don’t find myself returning to much. In retrospect: none of Typhoon’s new album’s tracks hit my top ten list, but the album OFFERINGS itself has over 70 listens since its release and, in my opinion, is in the top ten albums-of-all-time–which is a rare feat indeed. Typhoon in of themselves are staying within the sound I have come to love of them, but they are keeping it fresh and true. Despite how much I want to, I can’t say that about Fall Out Boy’s latest album.

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