Tsuro, The Board Game

Simple, short, and light-hearted–a hosting board game I have completely fallen in love with.

Let’s face it: Settlers of Catan has been the go to board game for hosting with family and friends. Well, for me… so that makes it universal right? Settlers is awesome cause it’s a competitive/non-competitive game in which you can talk up a conversation or hound out some strategy. It’s for serious and casualists. I am definitely more a fan of light-hearted board games because usually the occasion is “fellowship”, not competitiveness.

And I’ve been looking for another non-competitive game to share with family and friends.

Sure enough, I stumbled upon Tsuro on Amazon and my first YouTube of how-to was an instant win.

It’s a game of following the path. Yes, that simple. Until your path crosses others… and you’re led to the edge:D  The simplicity is at first dissuading, but I have since fallen in love with it. It keeps the game fast, friendly, and shareable–as it can be played with up to eight people! The best part: games average 10 to 15 minutes! A big plus for short attention spans… like most kids have xD

If you’re looking for something to play with you kids or something to fill the gap amidst the adults while conversing–give Tsuro a check out!:D


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