Typhoon’s “Offerings”, A Review

Not to spoil it for you but… my goodness this album hits so many high points. 10.5/10

This 14 track album is packed with legititude. However, I also realize it’s official release date isn’t until January 12th, so I’m not here to spoil it for you or get fame for getting early.

All the fame belongs to Typhoon for such a magnificent piece. The first act “Floodplains” was outstanding! And it keeps getting better. The latest single “Remember” to the catchy tones of “Darker”, the movement Typhoon took this art is progressively gorgeous and quite the journey of mind, sound, and emotion.

Thank you, Typhoon. As a long-time fan and five years waiting, you absolutely nailed it–keeping to the Typhoon I have come to love and perfecting that uniqueness in an ever-growing way.


The track-list, for those not wanting to triple search the web, is as phenomenally follows:

  1. Wake
  2. Rorschach
  3. Empiricist
  4. Algernon
  5. Unusual
  6. Beachtowel
  7. Remember
  8. Mansion
  9. Coverings
  10. Chiaroscuro
  11. Darker
  12. Bergeron
  13. Ariadne
  14. Sleep

Yes, I will gladly update my diagnosis of each track after official release. If Typhoon resounds one jewel of a gem in their music, its the ability to justly climax their songs–and that is prevalent throughout the album<3


P.S. I WILL TREASURE THIS SIGNED COPY FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER. #thankyou #typhoon #hugefan #greatalbum #offerings


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