Top 5 Original Games – That You Should Check Out

Lists are awesome, right? I mean… lists are debatable, which is the point behind claiming the “top 5 original games” (as not a matter of preference, because we all know it’s fact… šŸ˜› ).

So here are my top 5 go-to games when people ask what games I consider my favorite. But to change things up, I’m going to tell you why they’re my favorite. I am a fan of story, depth, and atmosphere.

And that doesn’t include every “great game” out there. So, yes–this is my personal preference of top 5 of games I have played (numerously). This is what I hold as the standard for glorious, undying magnificence of originality*.

*I’m taking liberty in not allowing more than one game from a series to take a spot in top 5.

  1. Bioshock 1In short: best story, best atmosphere, best twists. Yes, the first one. I love all of the Bioshock games, but if one were to represent, it would be Bioshock 1. It hits home for me on so many levels: the depth of setting/atmosphere, the graphics amplify this setting and tone of game, the characters fit the world they’re in and add to it (very important feat), the weapons/combat is awesome and riveting, and the story feeds me just as much as the gameplay (an art that is not so subtly handled). And then there’s the soundtrack. This game uses the classics magnificently and defies the typical scenario you would hear them in–and I love that.
  2. Metro 2033In short: best weapons/firing mechanics, best story-to-setting consistency. As far as FPS go, Metro instantly climbed to the top of that ladder for me. The weapons, the way the bullets sing, the sparks of light from the barrels “cling”–this game nails it. Much like Bioshock, its characters and story FITS ITS SETTING phenomenally. You want to make each bullet count? You want to feel desperate to endure despite others falling all around you? This. Game. #playfortheweapons #playforthestory Again, it’s a different kind of story telling than Bioshock, but, in my opinion, is just as original and coherent.
  3. Amnesia: The Dark DescentIn short: best hiding mechanics, best sound-use, best scare. Ever wanted to be scared out of your pants by just the music leading up to the scare? Yeah, that’s this game. My goodness is the soundtrack top notch. The mechanics of the gameplay are also just as satisfying. No fighting–and you can actually hide! While most hide-and-seek games rely on you running or turning the corner fast enough, the first Amnesia actually lets you create “safe spots” to hide, and they are ever so critical indeed. Playing off your ears, you will be in for what I consider to must suspenseful scare game out there. Play it alone. Play it in the dark. #bestscaregame
  4. Borderlands 2In short: best coop, best replay-ability, most unique graphics, best looting. Guns, guns, guns, GUNS!! And customization. Like, what other game spurs you to do an entire new playthrough just to play with someone else or a new character? AND ITS JUST AS FUN EACH TIME. Borderlands 2 is filled with endless shoot-and-loot and the artistic style they sided with makes the game a standalone and most definitely one that marks my favorite cooperative and replay-ability game. And the staple characters they’ve developed and their stories hold true.
  5. Resident Evil 4In short: best characters, best deaths, best every-shot-matters, best bigger-than-you campaign. In spot 5, I’m still “ify” and of them all, it would be the most likely to change should another game arise. But RE4 blew me away. The heavy, clunky feel of movement to the weapons handling and “bullets-matter” adds significantly to the games feel. I love the setting and the story is original–at least considering this was my first entry into the series. I have since fallen in love with the amount of depth, care, and love poured into the series. And RE does great in reminding you the serious tone death bears–regardless of people dying everywhere. Some games get wrecked in this aspect, leaving me hollow and disappointed-beyond-all-reasoning with how and what characters die or reveal their true agenda–I’ll try not mentioning Tomb Raider as an example of such letdowns:P


Yes, Dead Space would be on this list and most probably in spot 5, but I feel like it shines most as a series, thus loses some “stand-alone” fervor.

There you have it: my go-to games when considering the best of the best. Again, this is within their given genre and my preference to what makes a “top notch” game.

Story, characters, mechanics, graphics, and sound–every one of these nails it.


Let me know what you think! If anything, check some of these out if you haven’t:D Such great games I would recommend to any committed gamer more interested in campaign than online spawn-and-die.


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