Resident Evil 4 – A Long Overdue Review


Seriously?? WHY?!?!? ANSWER ME!

Or, just do yourself a favor and play it. So ya– #recommended

Why? Welp, if you wanted a breakdown:

MECHANICS/GAMEPLAY: 8/10 It’s in third person and is definitely clunky. You cant move while you’re shooting and it took me a little to get used to focusing my movements (more W + A or D rather than W + mouse).

WEAPONS/SHOP: 8.5/10 The game does great in making the weapons unique. At first I was like “why anything but the shotgun?” …then ran out of ammo and life. Like, literally. So I learned to value the situation and weight which weapon to utilize accordingly. Range? Burst? Pin-point? Llama?

STORY/CHARACTERS: 8.5/10 I just switched from playing Rise of the Tomb Raider and…. this is so much better. Like.. story, characters, progression, action, mechanics… Yeah, I like Resident Evil 4 so much more. The story, while I used to think the games were mindless and dumb, is actually very intriguing and has had quite the world built up for it. I love the intro and protagonist. They do great in making the characters unique and remembered… unlike some other games I’ve recently played 😛

COMBAT/ATMOSPHERE: 8.75/10 Part of the legititude behind the atmosphere in Resident Evil 4 comes from, in fact, it being clunky. So long as the mechanics match the gameplay and play off the story and all is in sync, I love the graphics. Reminds me of the glory still found in the original Bioshocks (1 and 2 before remasters). Not saying I’m against gorgeous graphics, but these stand the test of time as proof that there is more to a great and legendary game than meets the eye.

All-in-all, I can hardly wait to get into Resident Evil 5 and 6. RE4 has definitely made it to my “Glad to Own” list and is a sure recommend for the genre. Gotta love them Steam bundle deals xD <333 #tysteam #tyRE456


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