Patema Inverted – A Great Anime Film

Just watched Patema Inverted with the wife again–only this time had some family over. Call it a cheesy Christmas stocking gift for the wife, but we absolutely love this film.

If you’re on the fence about anime movies but don’t want your first shot into a full blown series, then I definitely recommend this film. Even if you are a long-standing fan of the anime series, this is a great step into the pool of quite spectacular films available in the underappreciated realm of movies.

It’s not an action anime, but it is filled with gorgeous scenes, outstanding viewpoints, interesting perspectives, and a story-arch that I’ve come to love Yasuhiro Yoshiura, the director, for.

Though he is an entire review in of himself–which I will get to some day.

Patema Inverted will keep you watching simply from the intrigue of the plot and characters it presents and unfolds. I mean my goodness. Lighthearted but serious, and a touch of drama on the side. Beautiful, mind you. The plot itself is enough to watch, but Yoshiura does exuberantly with creating such awing moments and scenes that could only be captured in the world he has created.

Story: 10/10

Progression: 9/10 (beginning can be a little confusing, but there is quite a load to be introduced to)

Characters: 9/10 (the antagonist at first was annoying to me with his obsession, but then I began to grasp the extent of what Yoshiura was trying to convey through him)

World: 10/10 Like WOW *no spoilers though:OOO*

Twists and Loose-Ends: 8/10 There were a few things introduced that I definitely thought could use more explaining/time developing. All-in-all, that would have made for too long of a film, and just enough was given to satisfy and entertain open ends. Sequel please?

So ya, call me biased or obsessed presently, but my oh my do I really enjoy this film. I did when we first watched it several months ago, and I did last night.


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