Let’s Not Forget The Dears

I remember hearing Omega Dog on Pandora–and waiting hours to hear it again only to realize YouTube existed and I could listen there.

I remember adding it to my first list on Spotify. I remember FINALLY and long-over-duely listening to that album as a whole on Spotify in December of 2011. An album packed full of those songs one is like “hold up, these guys did this song?!?” Ya, I’m talking the same deja vu I felt listening to The Veils’ album “Sun Gangs”.

Songs like “Blood” and “Thrones” and–of course–“Omega Dog”. Truly an album of beauty Degeneration Street was–it their talent did not stop there nor did it begin there. But that is how I came across them early on in my listening years.

Then they slipped to the back of my mind.

And, like many artists I become fans of, I nearly forgot about them until stumbling across “Times Infinity Volume Two”.

It’s one of those “Degeneration Street” albums (yes, I think that should become a thing). Regardless of how many times I’ve told myself “it’s good, I just won’t buy it and instead use Spotify”–but IT DESERVES MORE.

So hear me out: The Dears are a group worth revisiting. From the classics they’re known for to the recents I’m falling in love with again and again, GIVE ‘EM A SHOT!

Seriously, give a listen to “1998” or “Taking It To The Grave” from their latest album. They have plenty of tracks worth a revisiting to and have since made it to my list of Not-to-be-Forgotten.

Others on said list*:

The Veils and the albums “Sun Gangs” and “Runaway Found”

Dredg and the albums “Catch Without Arms” and “The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion”

Keane and the albums “Hopes and Fears”, “Under The Iron Sea”, and “Perfect Symmetry”

Snow Patrol and their album “Eyes Open”

*List is subject to change at any moment and is meant only as a brushstroke to artists that are not held in as high regard as they should be/once were. In most cases, the lists are assumed by artists whose songs would better classify as “classically original and true to said artist”.


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