Imagine Dragons: Evolve

I was doubtful; I wasn’t all too attentive.

I was completely wrong.

I mean… my goodness.


I was very skeptical first hearing of it–especially from the singles, as the beats and music behind the lyrics seemed, at first, to have lacked substance that I’ve come to appreciate of Imagine Dragons.

But that was a naive assumption. My, my, my, is this album rich to every extent. I was reminded of its official release today in my news feed on twitter and thought: “Surely, I’ll get on Spotify and at least check em out.”

An Amazon checkout and download later.. amazing.

It has a heavy feel and resemblance to the beats and catch of NeedtoBreathe on songs such as Hard Love, Happiness, Restless, Washed By the Water, Through Smoke, Lay Em’ Down, and Maybe They’re On To Us. Not to confuse them with NeedtoBreathe, but I am truly a fan of such pieces, and Imagine Dragons has surely made it into their own.

And I absolutely love it. It’s catchy, it’s real, and it’s captivating as all get out.

That being said: sorry, Imagine Dragons. I doubted you:( and now I have fallen even more in love. #keepitup #iwasafanbeforeitwascool #likeseriously #imaginedragons

The MP3 is only five bucks on Amazon… so what are you doing??

Buy the CD version while you’re at it xD


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