Pirates of the Caribbean 5, A Review

I’ll be up front: the latest title for Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Men Tell No Tales, was a great title to return to the Caribbean franchise. I was skeptical of many things, but found myself swept back into the franchise on a worthy journey indeed.

And that first meeting of Salazar was probably the coolest introduction to an antagonist I have seen in a long time. Like, wow–awesome.

But is it worth seeing? If you didn’t like any of the followups after the spectacular Curse of the Black Pearl, then you’ll probably find plenty you don’t like about this one. If you’re like me, I was a huge fan of the world the first Pirates created, and that intrigue made the sequels worth it. While I didn’t watch Stranger Tides, Dead Men Tell No Tales tied in magnificently with the story up to three. There were only a few things I was not aware of that carried over from the fourth movie.

The film itself was filled with what you expect: Jack Sparrow always someone being one drunken step ahead of his misfortune. That being said, I was definitely left with plenty of questions and the ending did feel not as “climaxing” as I had wished. I felt like, honestly, the plots and twists they did introduce needed to be developed more. Then again, its been a while since I’ve watched the predecessors, not to mention whatever went down in Stranger Tides.

But if you’re looked for a laugh, a phenomenal antagonist, Jack Sparrow, and the consistent genius of intrigue, I would totally recommend this. It’s surely another Pirates of the Caribbean film no doubt, and I enjoyed it.

I would also give it about an 8.5/10. I need to go back through the rest though. Perhaps after its release I will dive more into the plot/narrative and my takes on that. There’s plenty I could spoil… xD


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