One More Light, The 7th Album

Haters gonna hate, lovers gonna wait, and muscistens gonna appreciate. Like seriously, Linkin Park’s latest album, One More Light, is causing quite the division in fandom as it most definitely is not the Linkin Park people have once perceived.. yet is most definitely the Linkin Park I’ve come to know and love.

And I wasn’t particularly a fan of their sixth album, the Hunting Party. Actually, pretty much only liked one song off it. To me, LIVING THINGS was their greatest album. But anyways, back to One More Light….

It definitely isn’t like any of the Linkin Park before it, which, if you think about it, is like them to do. Yes, the have that “sound” to them that makes them undeniably Linkin Park, but One More Light breaks that trend completely.

It’s not the Linkin Park you’ve come to expect and want, but it’s a stinkin good album regardless.

For example: I am absolutely enthralled by the track “Sorry For Now”. Seriously, while I can surely play tracks like “Nobody Can Save Me”, “Good Goodbye”, and “Heavy” all day long, there’s something about the track “Sorry For Now” that really steals away the album for me.

In a good sense. While at first it sounds like something from Owl City, Linkin Park hands-down does a stellar job in making it unique. And to think alongside it you got lyrically legit tracks like “Invisible” and “Sharp Edges”, I am on a roller coaster of a great bands genius. Yes, it’t not Meteora or Hybrid Theory–yes, it’s in a completely different direction.

Yes, it doesn’t sound like Linkin Park.

But man alive just enjoy the heart and soul poured into it! Like seriously, thumbs up to Linkin Park for being so confident in their bold genre moves. As Mike said, it all roots from if you can be confident in it or not, because if you aren’t, people are still gonna hate and like it.

I give an 8/10, a 4/5, and 6.5/8.

It’s an album that I will come to enjoy and appreciate more and more. I mean seriously, if Minutes to Midnight hadn’t happened, how could hands be held high?

#LinkinPark #OneMoreLight #7thAlbum #trueartists


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