Guardian’s of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Review

Just took the wife to see the new Guardian’s of the Galaxy:D And there was most definitely two different takeaways. That aside, one truth remains: that intro was absolutely stellar. Seriously. Awesome.

Also, the soundtrack is superb and true to the awesomeness of the first. I love the song selections, their placements, and the vibe they create. Truly a trait of the Guardians any and everyone can enjoy.

After that, however, opinions of the actually “rating” split. For one, Volume 2 was packed with comedy and comic relief through and through, also balancing plenty of tear jerkers as well. That same feat, while entertaining and truly laughable, also was most definitely more adult. While funny, I will admit I was surprised how crude the humor got and even with the subtle hints at crude gestures. Such a move definitely will affect how some people enjoy the film–my wife, for example, wasn’t too fond of it.

But that’s also what you expect from the Guardians, as it fits their characters to joke and play as such. Which leads me to the next point: while most definitely a vivid, lively, fun adventure, there were a surprisingly lot of dark moments.

And I mean almost awkwardly dark. At least, dark in the sense that it didn’t seem to fit the rest of the vibes the movie seemed to be getting across. Though by the end of it, seeing the wrap-up of the build, it was more believable.

All in all, I would say this film makes for a great get-to-know for the Guardians. It dives into relationships and much needed backstories and sets up great from what most would actually call a “sequel” in the sense that the typical “hero-saving-galaxy” plot felt last minute.

I am most absolutely undoubtedly going to own the soundtrack without question. While I also greatly appreciated the movie, it may take more time for me to convince the wife to own it xD But I’m with her on this: it did seem tailored more towards an audience fine with lots of crude humor, something we find hard to recommend to everyone.

For the sake of all things awesome, I will still hold it at an 8/10 for now. A great sequel, though more so as a sci-fi comedy and less of an epic-hero-saving-galaxy. For the wife, probably a 6/10, as the drama between crew-mates and family was a little much for her.

#ilovemywife #guardiansofthegalaxy #volume2 #sequel #awesomemusic


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