The Veils: The Runaway Found

You may not know what I actually mean by “The Veils” when I mention them. So let me clarify: I am referring to the┬áLondon-based indie/alternative band. I am referring to an ingenious mix of era and style that takes one back to the 80s. I am referring to the 2004 album release of “The Runaway Found” (and “Sun Gangs” in an upcoming review).

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The Grand Attraction: A Review

Where to begin? The book is choppy, poorly edited, deep in atmosphere, rich in setting, and often overly complex in progression. It’s something else to read such elaborately worded scenes telling one what is occurring without saying it, but its also at moments breathtaking with description.

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Fantastic Beasts: A Film Review

Long awaited has it been for this film to be released on DVD. I wished so dearly to have seen in opening week but yikes is it difficult to go to the movies with a new born.

That being said, I bought it regardless of not seeing yet simply under the gut-assumption that I would love it.

And I did.

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