Logan: A Film Review

Many have anticipated the finale of the Wolverine in the latest release: Logan. I had my speculations, but I will try to be as true-to-review without spoilers as possible.

I loved it. That’s coming from an individual who loves films, sets, plots, character development, twists, and action. I am not a die-hard comic-Wolverine fan, but I absolutely loved the film. Do not get me wrong though: it’s tense. I would definitely not recommend to anyone who doesn’t like such atmospheres as the latest Mad Max or the Book of Eli or even Dredd.

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Review of Fauldon’s Dream

Fauldon’s Dream and the Karier of the Task is the latest title from E. K. Enns, the same author who brought you the Grand Attraction: Parts I-IV (a review of which will be coming soon).

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Anticipation of Linkin Park’s New Album

So I just found out Linkin Park has their new album coming out in May and I am stoked beyond all reasonable reason. Thus far, two songs have been unveiled: “Heavy” and “Battle Symphony”–and they are two very different songs. Unlike their last album, The Hunting Party, this one–entitled One More Light–seems to be┬ábreaking their trend as did their album Minutes To Midnight.

There were those big fans of their last album, The Hunting Party, though I was not really one of them. Definitely tried and there were indeed great moments and a few songs I liked, but I am definitely anxious to see what they’ve stirred up for this upcoming album. All-in-all, my anticipation is projecting it good, and definitely a new direction.

I will update upon its release. Stay awesome.