The Wolf Among Us

Having finally completed this sure task of episodic engrossment, I was able to walk away with three things: words bear great power, there is a brokenness between justice and poverty, and there is a great pain and neglect of care to the women caught up in the pubs.

Like it or hate it, the game’s content was by all means mature and adult, but its points were valid. I was gripped to see the conflict between the authorities, poverty, the suffering, and the criminal. On a scale of one to eight, I would have to rate The Wolf Among Us at six. It’s content was just too graphic for most cases of the game to be enjoyed with others, making its peer play-through hold at four. As a solo play-through, however, I would give it a seven. It’s mechanics and interactions were superb.

Six overall for the full impression of the game. Or in the case of a ten point scale, I’d put it at an eight.